Project UNI HEALTH -Academic partnership for health improvement of youth with health disorders and special needs, number KA 220-HED-47/05-10-2023, is finaced by Erasmus + program.

The aim is to improve the physical health of young people by increasing the motivation for a healthy lifestyle through physical education and sports and through the organization of health development programs for special groups of young people with special needs and weakened health and the exchange of experiences with foreign partners. The result will be a joint educational-methodological study guide for the protection and improvement of the health of young people.
The project holder is TRAKIYSKI UNIVERSITET from Stara Zagora and UG Osveženje is a partner in the project together with other partners from other countries. Partners are: Pavlodar State Pedagogical University (Kazahstan), Canakkale Onsekiz Mart Universitesi (Turska), Institutia Invatamint Universitaad e Stat din Comrat (Moldadova), Sveuciliste Sjever (Hrvatska), Centro Nazionale Sportivo Libertas Associazione di Promozione Sociale (Italija), Senergy Elemzo es Kutato Neprofitna Korlato lt Fe Udruga lelossegu Tarsasag (Mađarska), i Faznigrowth O Ü (Estonija).

The project will last until: 31.8.2026. year.

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