If there`s one thing modern industry cannot do without, it`s the robotics. From the process of packaging, transportation, welding, painting, and dozens of various applications, robots in modern industry are a must. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that a modern school system adapt to the needs of modern industry which is currently living it`s own fourth revolution which is typically referred as the “Industry 4.0”.

For this reason, co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme, the Technical School from Pirot, Serbia, has been granted a project entitled “Robotics Curriculum Development”, (2022-2-RS01-KA210-VET-000097484) which aims at adapting to the needs of the labor market on European level in field of robotics.

The Technical School has recognized system weaknesses in regular school curriculum in Serbia when it comes to robotics. Lack of modern equipment, lessons focused only on theory, small amount of practical robotics work, are just a few that should be worked on, in order to prepare VET students for their future work. The aim of this project is to create a completely new curriculum in robotics, along with suitable didactic material which will be jointly created between partners on this project, and which will help VET student to adjust to their working environment as soon as possible.

The Coordinator of the Project is the Technical School from Pirot, Serbia, while the other two Partners are Scuola di Robotica from Genoa (School of Robotics), Italy, and the NGO Osvezenje from Pirot. The idea of the Project is to present the basic robotics course in Technical School, and then upgrade it with advanced methods of robotics programming in Italy, organized by the Scuola Di Robotica. The greatest advantage of the newly – created curriculum will be the fact that it will be created upon the concrete needs of the labor market industry in hometowns in both partner cities – Pirot and Genoa. For this, experts from the NGO Osvezenje will be in charge. Their role is to investigate the needs of the industry in our local communities in field of robotics, and to outline specific learning outcomes every robotics technician (and future engineer) must possess in order to respond to the needs of the industry.

According to the project application, there are several activities – kickoff workshop Genoa, LTTA Pirot and Genoa, and closing conference with project summary in Pirot. First kickoff workshop will take place from June the 12th to 16th in Genoa under coordination of Scuola Di Robotica with guests coming from Serbia. Attendances of this workshop will present the project in public, cover various subject from the field of modern robotics industry (needs analyses in partner cities, world robotics report, be online with KUKA and OMRON robotics, humanoid robotics, etc), but also visit CUMAU factory in Turin. These workshops will serve as a foundation for future project activities and hopefully lead to the new ideas and successful outcome of the complete Project.

At the closure, all outputs of the Project will be publicly released and available, and bring improvement to both local communities in terms of regular VET education, but to the NGO sector that deals with adult education as well.

For information: dejan.aleksovski@tsp.edu.rs

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